Show Don’t Tell | The Benefits of Video and Photos for Real Estate Sales

This post is unique and specifically for professionals that assist owners of real property, commercial or residential real estate.

Swift Business Solutions has enjoyed working with many residential and commercial real estate agents in Spartanburg and Greenville and played a role in the ongoing success of their Internet presence.

Residential Real Estate Video/Photo Sample Shoot Real Estate Video/Photo Sample Shoot

With a desire to bring even more value to these professionals we have developed a unique combined package of video and photographic images.

Is the real estate market HOT? Sure it is. But does that mean you should not put your best foot forward (or picture in this case)?

Here is what we know…


Images Sell – From a website first impression we know that you have less than one second, .3 to be exact. The Wall Street Journal Article “20 Seconds for Love at First Sight” confirms something very similar for home shoppers. 95% Viewers spend up to 20 seconds looking at the cover image or the first image and 60% of their time looking at all of the images before reading the agent remarks (20%) and property description (20%).

Loose the iPhone hire a Pro – We all have our gifts and talents and deserve to be compensated for them. Did you know that real estate sells for more when professionally photographed images are used? In almost every case, for 3 times more than the photos cost! Redfin Real Estate has research that says their listings fetch on average of $3,400 more with professional images.

We have a ton more statistics that we will make available for you. Just Ask!

Real Estate Photographer
For a Limited Time – All for only $250.00

25 Professional, color corrected images and a custom property video that can be showcased on your website and on social media to drive interest and traffic.

Drone video footage and images are also available for an additional $50. Please ask about multiple property discounts.

Commercial Real Estate Video/Photo Sample Shoot

Real Estate Video/Photo Sample Shoot