Core Values


There are three primary types of communication; verbal, written and non verbal (think body language). We are committed to the next level of communication, so that we can quickly and efficiently execute on a level that breeds success. 

We believe in transparent communication that can lead to growth. This leads to trust, which just happens to be our second core value. 

We have made significant investments for our internal team and ongoing client communication. While everyone communicates differently either with phone, email and text being primary, but for the sake of elevating your business, we have a Swift Business Solution. 

On an online platform that eliminates dozens/hundreds of emails and centralizes topics. It is available for your desktop/laptop via web browser or APP and an APP for your phone. It works so well, some customers have integrated it into their business. 


We believe trust is earned over time by communicating well, and delivering what has been promised.

Over the years, with many of the client relationships we enjoy, we have been invited into other areas of our clients business and also developed many strong personal relationships. 

Trust takes work, but it is worth it. Genuine trust decreases stress and develops strong partnerships, which happens to be our third core value. 


We have come to learn and focus on Eight Pillars of Trust, from business strategist David Horsager. 

  • Clarity – People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous
  • Compassion – People put faith in those who care beyond themselves
  • Character – People notice those who do what is right over what is easy
  • Competency – People have confidence in those who stay fresh, relevant, and capable
  • Commitment – People believe in those who stand through adversity
  • Connection – People want to follow, buy from, and be around friends
  • Contribution – People immediately respond to results
  • Consistency – People love to see the little things done consistently


Our approach in business is truly unique. Candi and Greg lead the teams with a mindset as if each business was their own. Making decisions as if it was their own money that is being spent. That is one of the significant differences between what will be experienced. 

Out of the gate, with a discovery call we begin the process of building our relationship by sharing both successes and failures. Even some of our personal stories, like how we have been married 29 times. Our faith is another core value that drives us. While we are not perfect, we do have a role model in Jesus that both of us are committed to. 

Another word that could certainly be used to describe partnership, would be relationship. We are actually more about the service after the sale, then we are about the actual sale. It’s not that we do not do a fantastic job with the creation and development of your online presence. But our commitment to making sure it is maintained and represents you well for years to come. 

There is much more to share. And we will look forward to that opportunity. Please consider requesting a virtual meeting, and experience a Swift Business Solution.

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