Shine On 9 Car Wash Got Their Website Polished

Shine On 9 Car Wash Got Their Website Polished

06 | Aug

How many first impressions do you get?

No… This is not a trick question. Only one. Shine On 9 Car Wash in Boiling Springs realized it was getting a ton of traffic, but not a great deal of activity.

When they opened their store over a year ago, one of the last items of focus, was their website. So they trusted one of those template building sites for their quick fix. We won’t dwell on where they were, but maybe boast about where they are now.

Two weeks ago we launched a Swift Landing Page while we nailed down the details on the website and new video. Almost instantly the web leads started coming in.

Why? What’s the difference?

A strong Swift First impression and multiple Call To Actions, along with several other Swift Business Solution staple items. The site captures you and begins to lead you through their wash tunnel and showcases their interior vacuum bays and that is just in the 15 second web header.

Swift Video Team also produced a web video that will be used both on their website and in some social media shorts.

Be sure to visit Shine Shine On 9 and tell them Swift sent you.

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