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KP Services Industrial Cleaning Company Launches New Website

Kelly’s Professional Cleaning Services based in Mauldin, South Carolina has stepped up their web presence to be more in line with the level of services and the clients that they serve.

Kelly Gilreath, President of KPCS, Inc. founded and oversees day to day operations. The company has staff and employees serving the southeast in four states, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The company is focused on the needs and demands of industrial, commercial and distribution facilities, providing a wide range of janitorial and other cleaning services.

Because of their focus on quality, the team of Greenville Web Developers at Swift Business Solutions was selected to oversee the redevelopment of their website. Early meetings and conversations provided an opportunity to take the project in a direct not seen with the competition. The team was tasked with making “clean look sexy”.

The first impression is impressive, with professional images of properties and projects typical of the clients KP Services serves and seeks to provide commercial cleanings services to.

In addition to being a custom mobile responsive design, the website also provides the ability post job openings, submit online applications and upload resumes on their employment opportunities page.

Take a look at the before/after pictures and let us know your thoughts.

The web development and marketing team at Swift Business Solutions is focused on delivering affordable custom websites to professionals and companies that realize that you only have one first impression.

Is your business ready for a stronger first impression? Call now, ask for Greg Weinstein 864-884-6141 and share with him you are ready for a FREE lunch and website review consultation. You can also email us at or touch the “Let’s Connect” button.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.41.35 AM

KP Services Before


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