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Category Archives: Social Media

Verbal communication is still important in business.  Last week I was making calls to potential customers and realized the difference in my impressions of what I thought of a business based upon their voicemail greeting.  Those without voicemails or without a custom greeting caused me to think that they really didn’t care a lot about ... Read More

Since 1977 Mobile Meals has been meeting the needs of the frail and home bound of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Partners from 44 businesses and as many as 1600 volunteers throughout the year meet those needs all under the guidance and counsel of the dedicated team lead by Jayne McQueen. Over the past few months the ... Read More

At its first-ever marketing conference on February 29, Facebook announced sweeping changes to its platform that have direct bearing on businesses. One of the most important was the introduction of Timeline for business pages. Late last year, Facebook introduced Timeline to individual users to replace Profiles. There was much speculation then about whether Facebook would ... Read More

Get The Local Advantage Ever wonder what the Check In feature is?  Location-based web services allow users to post “check in” from their mobile phones, telling friends where they are at any given moment. Facebook Places,  Foursquare and Gowalla are the hot tickets for 2011, and they bring new opportunities to connect to customers on ... Read More