Breakfast At Mary’s Falls Cottage

Breakfast At Mary’s Falls Cottage

26 | Feb

When was the last time you treated yourself and your mate?

It is no secret that I (Greg Weinstein) love food. A self proclaimed foody committed to finding, tasting, savoring and now sharing some of the bright spots found as Candi and I travel the globe.

It only seems fitting that we use this tool within this Greenville Web Developers website to share some of the sweeter and some might say more important things in life… Good Food!

With a rare, and soon to be more frequent split from reality, Candi  and I, my bride of 22 years, set out on an adventure. No plans other than a commitment to “see where the day takes us”. We struck out to find something new to us and enjoy some #WeTime.

We made our way to downtown Greenville, SC, #YeahThatGreenville secured the ever elusive free parking spot on Main Street and found ourselves within walking distance of the Falls Park on The Reedy River and our unexpected culinary destination, Mary’s at Falls Cottage.

As we reviewed the menu, we were encouraged to put our name in by another couple that shared it was their regular weekend treat (“It is sooo worth the wait”). We committed ourselves… Not a mistake!!

Situated on the what I will call the rim of the valley for Falls Park, it is a perfect spot to people watch and soak up some beautiful scenery.

Mary’s Lunch box is a treat for all to enjoy. The menu is filled with a unique blend of what I might call standards with tasty twists. We settled in on something from both the breakfast and lunch options.
A southern approach to Egg’s Benedict and the Ultimate Rueben.

The Low Country Eggs Benedict 
Eggs Benedict is a top tier choice whenever it is on the menu, so I gravitated towards that. The unique draw was the fact that the typical english muffin was replace by a Fried Green Tomato topped with a southern crab-cake and a perfectly poached egg. Don’t take my word for it check out the featured picture above. Served with fresh melons and a cup of grits. I would not fashion myself a grits person typically, but Mary’s grits were something to be enjoyed, requiring not additional seasoning with butter or anything.

The Ultimate Ruben 
Some of the finest Bores Head Corn Beef with Swiss cheese and Mary’s special sauerkraut dressing on grilled marbled rye. Served with their take on potato salad, which will now be our take on how potato salad should be done. Cubed roasted potato’s served in a cup ala baked potato style with all the fixin’s.

So know you might be wondering… Where is the picture of the Ruben? Yea, I know… Gone! The Ruben was so good, Candi had eaten it to a point to where a picture just would not have done it justice. All this means we will have to go back and enjoy the Ruben again.

Mary’s at Falls Cottage was a find! Hidden in plain site, do not pass up the opportunity to press pause and enjoy a breakfast or lunch there. It will be time well spent. Bring a friend or your spouse and enjoy some #WeTime.

Ciao for now…