Payroll Medics Finds Peace and a New Strategic Partner

Payroll Medics Finds Peace and a New Strategic Partner

01 | Aug

After years of working with more than a few web developers, experiencing unfulfilled promises and enjoying many unreturned phone calls and emails, Mr. Murray was about to give up on his web presence altogether.

After meeting Greg Weinstein at a business event, Michael Murray, Chief Medic at Payroll Medics spent a couple of months in multiple meetings asking questions, investigating and understanding what sets Swift Business Solutions apart from many other web developers and part time creatives.

Encouraged with the prospect and opportunity, Michael Murray took a leap and landed on the right side of the web development game. Now enjoying a strategic partnership and a website that he has full control of and a team that responds when called, often within moments of reaching out.

Don’t take our word for it. Read, listen to or call Mr. Murray. He will be happy to share his experience and the increased activity he now enjoys from his new tool.