Top 5 Reasons to Have a Website

A business with no sign, is a sign of no business.

Years ago businesses understood and knew the importance of having a sign in front of their business. If there was no sign or it was difficult to swiftly identify who they were, what they do (product or service they provide), chances are their business would struggle.

Fast-forward 20 years and the slogan remains the same, with most business’ first impression being online. In plain terms, today a business’ “sign” is now online.

The average first impression takes 0.3 seconds.  With that knowledge, now might be a good time to review what your website looks like.

  • Can someone easily understand what you do?
  • Can your phone number be found in less than 2 seconds?
  • Can someone easily email you?
  • Do you have a map link? Especially if you are looking for people to do business at your location.

Your website is living and breathing.

Traditional marketing material has been printed. It still has its place today, although that is shrinking. Your website provides the awesome ability to be updated. Actually, frequent updates to your website are rewarded higher rankings by search engines, i.e. Google, BING, Yahoo and others.

Your website is also a resource for your business that is awake and available for your clients and prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Ever ask and wonder how you could get more time? Your website is one tool that should assist to create more time in your busy calendar.

Value and Stand out above of your competition.

Your website is a direct reflection of how you do business, or should be. If you provide additional value, different than your competition in the way you do business, your web presence is one place to communicate this value.

Communicate how you are different! What sets you apart? You may sell the same widget or service, but how will you serve your client differently, providing a better value.

Provide call to action.

As your website shares that you are capable in meeting the needs of those surfing your website, what steps are you taking to engage them? In the marketing world these are know as “A Call to Action.”  As you review your website, determine if you have any.  Are they effective and how are you tracking those sales or client engagements? What is your closure ratio?

If you have a website, AWESOME! Are you using it in a fashion to where it is making an impact in your business? Or is it a pretty online business card?

At Swift Business Solutions, we believe that your website should be the center point for all of your marketing efforts. Providing the ability to track your efforts and to create and build your business.