The Small Stuff Matters…

The Small Stuff Matters…

I grew up near Disneyland in Southern California where a great effort is taken to make the experience nothing but positive, Down to the bathrooms, the small stuff if you will. No, this is not a profit center.  But if they were not clean this would have a negative impact in your visit.

So how often do you review “the small stuff”?  When was the last time your company bathroom or area that may seem insignificant, but is a reflection on your business was cleaned or addressed properly?  It could be the public bathroom, or perhaps the front desk. You might be asking, How will this payoff?

You know what I am thinking… How many first impressions do you get? (I am heard saying that quite often). ONE!

By creating an environment where you show you care, you will earn the trust that you seek because you care. You have to trust that the revenue will take care of itself.

So where is the small stuff in your business?

If you have a brick and mortar business, no question that it starts in the parking lot.

  • Snap Shot – Step outside, take some pictures and make some notes. Then ask the tough question…Would you shop at your store?
  • Front Desk – Consider having a stranger or someone that has never shopped in your store or business do a secret shopping trip.

More and more our first impressions are online on your company, school or church website, (see a business with no sign is the sign of no business) before they will even consider coming in.

  • Appearance – Is it clean and neat?
  • Navigation – No two people look or search online the same. Which is why Swift Business Solutions integrates multiple ways to search and navigate a website, using both primary and secondary navigation.
  • News or Blog – In addition to being one of the easiest ways to stay connected you’re your clients and prospects, a blog is a major component of most current search engine algorithms (see Should you be BLOGGING?).

If you are in business, perhaps you should consider sweating the small stuff.  It just may be the difference that will make you stand out from your competition, without saying one word.