The Importance of SSL Certificates and How SSL Certificates Are Being Required by Google

The Importance of SSL Certificates and How SSL Certificates Are Being Required by Google

14 | Nov

SSL certificates are digital certificates that are the foundation for strong internet security. They establish an encrypted connection between an individual’s computer and your website to protect sensitive data from being exchanged when it is not warranted. SSL certificates are becoming increasingly important in the digital era, so having one is vital for your company.

Why You Should Have an SSL Certificate on Your Website?

SSL certificates offer websites a wide array of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • The establishment of trust and security for your website visitors – leading to increased trust of your company
  • The protection of sensitive data
  • Protection for your business from cybercriminals
  • Proof of website and company legitimacy
  • HTTPS and the lock icon status in browsers
  • Supports the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard standards
  • Strengthens your brand reputation and brand image
  • Increases your SEO ranking for keywords in Google and other search engines


Some research is now showing that up to 80% of Law Firms are potentially being penalized by Google’s new browser update. (See story here)

Google Now Views SSL Certificates as Being Essential to Websites

One of the key factors for ranking in Google is the trustworthiness of your website. Recently, Google has placed an increased emphasis on SSL certificates for websites as they are one of the most highly recognizable trust indicators on the internet for both individuals and corporations. Google has been testing their browsers over the past year or so, and will soon be rolling out a feature in their Google Chrome browser that displays websites without SSL certificates as being “not secure” and extend warnings to users to be careful using and trusting these websites. This change is expected to come within the next six months, and it is estimated that 2/3 of websites on the internet will be marked as “unsafe” by Google. Not having an SSL certificate is a critical concern for businesses both now and even more so in the future.

We are encouraging everyone we speak with to take the needed steps to be both more secure and compliant with these newest request. Even Forbes is spreading the news and educating their readers and asking the question, “Should You Be Concerned?”

Obtain the SSL Certificate That Is Right for Your Business

Obtaining an SSL certificate does not have to be hard, particularly if you leave it to the right company. At Swift Business Solutions, we offer high-quality website management services that ensure your website has an SSL certificate. There are a variety of options available for SSL certificates, and which one is right for you depends upon your website’s individual security needs.

Contact Swift Business Solutions today by email at info@swiftbusinesssolutions.com or 864-884-6141 to work on obtaining an SSL certificate for your website!