The Famous Family Fudge

The Famous Family Fudge

14 | Dec

Did you get some famous family fudge? If so, consider yourself part of the family!

For over forty years, Greg Weinstein and his family have made what has become known across the country as the famous family fudge. To show our thanks each year to our new clients and ongoing business, we break out the good stuff. Only the best for our family right?!

What makes it so special you ask? Certainly one of the most guessed ingredients is “LOVE“, but that is not the answer we are looking for.

There is one specific ingredient that is significant in quantity, but certainly not typical in a fudge recipe. So this year we have made over 150 lbs of the sweet stuff, packaged up, delivered or shipped in for your personal, family or office enjoyment (your choice how much you share…).

Yes… There are a couple of rules.

  • One guess per year, per container – Not per bite!
  • You must share at least some of the fudge.
  • Guess must be submitted via text, phone call, email or our website contact form.
  • Any correct guess, must sign a Non Disclosure Form.


All joking aside, if you have received a portion of the famous family fudge thank you! Thank you for your business and trust in our Swift Family to manage and maintain your web presence. We take that responsibility as serious as our fudge recipe.

Would you like to become one of our newest family members and find yourself on the list? Please give us a call or email.

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