Stay Cool with Swift Facebook Fan Appreciation

This month Swift Business Solutions introduced it’s Fan Appreciation Page.

Our facebook fan page is designed to stay in touch with our friends, fans, clients and prospects. In addition to introducing our fans to some Swift Business Solutions, we share Fun Facts, Tasty Recipes and of course tips for making a difference in their business. Often, owners of the business are stuck working in their business and find it hard to work on their business. That is where some of our Swift Tips help ease the burden.

Back to the good stuff. During the month of June, we are focused on having some fun and spreading some LOVE (well we actually do this every month). If you are a fan of Swift on facebook you are now registered to have some amazing Cook Out Shakes delivered to your home or office. Cook Out shakes are growing crazy in the Carolinas and along the East Coast.

With some forty-two (42) different flavors and combinations, it is easy to become addicted, much like the team at Swift has. So we thought, since we are going there so much let’s share this with our fans on facebook, we share everything else. Not a fan of Swift on facebook yet? Why wait? Learn more about the Cook Out Shake Cool Down.

This is just the beginning! One of our newest clients is so pleased with her new website, she is sharing the love of her skills by offering an amazing offer for new silk screened shirts.  This can also be found on our website, learn more here.