Social Media “Check In” Becomes a Hot Spot

Get The Local Advantage

Ever wonder what the Check In feature is?  Location-based web services allow users to post “check in” from their mobile phones, telling friends where they are at any given moment. Facebook Places,  Foursquare and Gowalla are the hot tickets for 2011, and they bring new opportunities to connect to customers on a local level.

Foursquare, for instance, enables venues to provide special offers to users who “check in” to your business often.  Whether it’s a bar, restaurant or retail store, you can incentivize these highly-connected consumers to return more frequently.

Facebook Places – Allows the possibility for personal connections alerting you to friends that are nearby and like Foursquare offering special offers with participating retailers, again only available to users that “Check In”.

Just this month Starbucks celebrated their 40th Anniversary by randomly rewarding Foursquare Check ins with $40 Gift Cards.  Did you check in? Check your app store and check in to find friends and unexpected deals.

Social Media Checkins