QR Scans and Staying Ahead of your Competition

We live in times when those who not only think outside the box, but live and market outside the box will not only survive, but thrive in all kinds of market conditions.

The code technology known as QR, or Quick Response is quickly becoming one of the easiest and fastest ways to connect and communicate with consumers and prospects in the marketplace.  These QR Scan Codes are printed on almost anything from business cards, t- shirts, billboards and then deliver the scanner to a specific web page, delivering product information, special offers, price quotes or even movie times.

The beauty about these codes are the multiple benefits and tracking information which give you and your marketing team real time data and become more viral with your marketing efforts.

Let’s consider a real estate agent that markets one of his/her top listings in a magazine, that listing is sold before or just after the magazine hits the stands. Great for the listing, but now the agent can take advantage of the traffic and redirect to another listing or share compelling information to help them come in contact. Used by the same agent, as a home buyer drives through a development, a sellers agent can direct traffic to a specific web page or virtual tour giving them more information about the house that any flier could.

How many times have you misplaced a business card? With the QR code printed on the back of the card, you could easily download a V-Card into your address book on your phone to be synced with your computer later. See our sample shown here.

QR Scan Code - Greg's Contact Information
Swift QR - Greg's Contact Info

The uses are endless and will cause additional traffic to your website, increased brand awareness and can improve SEO rankings.

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