Messiah Lutheran School Launches Website

Messiah Lutheran School Launches Website

31 | Jan

Each year in early spring, in advance of fall enrollment drives, leadership of private schools around the country are focused on showcasing their schools in hopes of growing. This year the opportunities seem even greater as public schools are caused to cut costs and programs.

This year Messiah Lutheran School in Fairview Park, Ohio is ahead of the curve. New board members quickly identified the need to present a new fresh image. This new image was from the ground up. Logo, website and training for staff that will begin to manage some of the ongoing content updates.

With the newly designed website parents, students and prospective families can quickly access many new features including a Online Calendar,  Enrollment Forms,  Messiah Community News,  Administration Contact Information, Teacher-Web Links and many other features that are in development.

The Swift Team will be working closely with the school board developing other methods of communication that will help Messiah Lutheran School facilitate the desired growth.

We are excited about our new partnership and look forward to an ongoing collaboration.