Greenville Office Supply selects Swift Business Solutions as greenville web developer

Dozens of companies would have like the opportunity to work with one of the companies responsible for making sure business stays moving in The Upstate of South Carolina.

Fortunately the body of work and our attention to stay in pace with industry trends gave Charles Scales and Scott Hart the comfort to choose the team at Swift Business Solutions.

After a couple of planning meetings with the sales team,  the creative team to understanding the visible image that needed to be developed to be in concert with other marketing efforts, including the familiar wrapped delivery vehicles and the IT department. We set off to create a site that was unique to GOS that also had to give quick access for order and The President if needed.

You can see the transformation for yourself…

GOS - BeforeGOS - After

 Client Testimonial

Thank you Swift, for living up to your name and providing us with swift and friendly service in order to create our beautiful new website. We could not be happier with the new GOS site and were extremely impressed with the excellent customer service that we received throughout the entire process. Even after completing the development of the site, we came back to Swift four months later with more changes that needed to be made. And FOUR MONTHS LATER, without any hesitation, Greg and his awesome team met all of those needs. It has been a true pleasure working with Swift and we are very happy with the service and products provided by them!

Hayes Johnson
Marketing Manager ~ GOS