Four Reasons to have a blog within your website

Conversations with Your Customers – Pick up that pen (I mean keyboard) and start communicating!

“What is a blog”, you might ask, and “why do I need one?”  The term “blog” came from Peter Merholz in 1999 when he jokingly separated the original word “weblog” in the sidebar of his own blog.  So, now you know where the term came from.  Now for the question, “Why do I need one?”   Is it because everyone else is doing it?  Is it so people can criticize my writing ability?  Why is a blog so important?  Let’s talk about 4 reasons why we need blog postings within our websites.

  1.  Marriage of on-line and off-line efforts.  Let’s say there is a trade show your business is participating in, a pro-bono project you are involved in or an event you are hosting, a blog is an effective way to communicate those off-line efforts.  For example, you are hosting a webinar on different types of sustainable building materials on December 3rd at 10am.  Writing a blog about the webinar and sharing some insights into what will be presented could cause the attendance to multiply.  It draws interest and can result in those readers sharing the blog and event information to people within their circles.
  2. Develop relationships.  Building relationships is the key to success within businesses.  20 years ago these relationships were achieved by face to face interaction.  Now, relationships have the potential for a global reach by use of the internet.  Blogs are a great way to put a personal touch on your business without being face to face.
  3. Stand out from the crowd.  What makes us unique?  Why should our customers do business with us?  Blogs are a great way to communicate knowledge about not only the products we offer, but also the industries we are involved in.  It allows a place for current events as well as opinions.  And if there is more than one employee at the business, what a fabulous way to get all of those employees involved communicating to the consumer their own knowledge about certain issues and products.
  4. Advancing SEO success.  By using key words and rich content, a blog can help with increasing traffic to your website.  And what does that mean?  You get FOUND among all the search results.

Blogs can be an important part of a website.  Making a blog conversational and personal gives your business a personal touch.  I know I would rather not read boring, drab content – show me some personality and you’re more likely to earn my business!

Oh, and by being engaging and causing reader to comment makes your blog even more powerful that is another way for your blog to succeed. Would love to know your thoughts.