Dream Trips with World Ventures

One of my families all time favorite thing to do is travel. We love to experience new places, new food and meet people. We have renewed our wedding vows in 21 states (that is another story/posting altogether) and several others as we were passing through, always making time to soak in our great country.

We have also been very fortunate to travel to different countries, including Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Mexico and Fiji. Not all at once mind you, because they can be costly.

Until we learned about World Ventures and DreamTrips®….

I know what your thinking, trust me. I thought it also! But I said, before I dismiss this, let me do some diligence, right? People thought Mark Zuckerburg was crazy when he started Facebook, right? Now what do they think of Mark?

All of your questions will not be answered in this short video, but it should give you greater comfort to send me an email or call me.

greg@swiftbusinesssolutions.com or 864-884-6141

If you think this is an awesome opportunity, like me, my family and several hundred thousand other people and you would like to enjoy some amazing travel deals and maybe even travel for FREE.

Then you can sign up right now by clicking this link

SIGN ME UP! You will need this number 66531501 to get the process started. I still would love to talk to you and share about all of the great things I have learned.

Some Others That Have Ask – Are They A Real Company?
I would not even think to ask you to “Trust Me”… I absolutely think you should do proper research. Inc. Magazine has World Ventures listed in the Top 500 – www.inc.com/profile/worldventures