Content is King…Pan Seared or Oven Roasted?

In this episode of the Swift Blog, we will begin to look at the ever important content within the pages of your website and cause you to determine how easy it is for someone to find your contact information.

Let’s start with the content…
We all know content is King! At the end of the day, if those that make it to your website are unable to find the information they are looking for, you will be out of luck. You might have a pretty sharp website, but if the content is just copied and pasted from the website your son or daughter did back in 1994, chances are you are going to lose them.

Content should be fresh and updated on a frequent basis, even if nothing has changed. If time is tight, consider using Swift for your content updates. All of the search engines use web crawlers to discover many things, including but not limited to keywords and phrases for your specific industry, date of page and pages being updated, who is traveling to your website and how they are getting there. Do not get caught with a blog post that is 6 months old. It is bad for business.

Often, you will hear the Swift Team refer to content updates and page content needing to satisfy everyone coming to dinner. What the heck does that mean? lol

With over fifty search engines, let’s imagine Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask, not to mention your clients and prospects, are coming to dinner. Everyone wants steak! Everyone wants their steak cooked differently. Google wants their steak pan-seared and oven roasted, Yahoo wants their steak grilled. Your content should be prepared for all to read and enjoy for both the search engine crawlers and the client you are looking to meet.

We have the knowledge of what the search engines are looking for, while you have the knowledge of what your clients are looking for, which makes us a perfect Chef and Sous Chef team. Contact Us today to set up a meeting or even a lunch appointment. We will bring lunch so we can break bread.

Make your website personal…
Your About Us or Our Team Page is a perfect place to begin to develop a personal relationship. Take time to share about your professional journey. Both you and a prospective client is looking to do business with a ‘real person’ that you can both develop an ongoing relationship with. Take the first step.

Contact Information
Nothing can turn off a prospective client more than not being able to find a way to contact you. Quick access to contact information is one of the largest and most common challenges in a company or individuals website. Yet time and time again, the most important piece of information in making contact is missing or not as visible as it should be.

  • Look at yours now. How long does it take to find your phone number?
  • Is it on every page? Why wouldn’t it be there?
  • Is there a call to action or an opportunity to email you or join your newsletter?
  • Do you have a newsletter? We can help….
  • Go to our home page now and sign up for our Newsletter, so you can keep up with all we have to share.

Newsletters are a topic we will cover in the next few weeks. Are they time consuming? Sure they are.  Anything worth anything will have some sort of cost associated with it. Time or money, it will be your choice. But note this, most anything electronic lives longer than anything printed. You choose.